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Little Warrior

By teaching our students basic Kungfu combination, this program helps students improve their strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination. The program focuses on developing students’ athletic abilities and self-awareness, improving the students’ capabilities in self-defense and concentration, and building discipline and self-esteem for our students.


Advanced Wushu

13 and Above

To fulfill the requirements of the Rules for the Wushu International Competition, students are trained accordingly for the purpose of competing in advanced level in this program (Only for those who have reached these levels) as well as mastering the techniques for sparring. At the same time, all the students who are older than 13 years old regardless of their Kungfu levels are required to train and live as an Integrity Kungfu master who is respectful, balanced, focused, self-discipline, grateful, caring, persistent, humble, and brave. 


Kids Kung Fu

To meet the needs for child development, this program lets students explore more complicated and challenging international standard forms to build a better understanding of each technique. Meanwhile, students will know how to apply those techniques in sparring. Also, students will be able to understand these Kungfu concepts and implement these concepts in their lives.


Adult Fitness Kung Fu

If you are bored with just running, or just tired of weight lifting, why not try our Adult Kung Fu Fitness class? Through our interesting and intense class, you will be trained using Kung Fu weapons at different levels along with learn Sanda ( Combat Fighting Kung Fu) Skills and Tai Chi Health Philosophies. A stronger body, improved coordination, better flexibility, and increased awareness to make your life more balanced!


Parents, Did You Know....

1 OUT OF 4 KIDS is a victim of bullying

42.5% TEENS in the US use drugs

fail to graduate on time

18.5% OF the KIDS age from 2 to 19 have obestiy problem


Equip them with the tools to succeed in the real world with Our Programs.
The values they learn during their Kung Fu journey are the same you teach at home and last a lifetime.

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