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About Coach Chen

Started his Kungfu journey in China when he was six years old. By the age of 17, Coach Chen had trained in several professional Wushu teams in China, such as Zoucheng Sports School, Shandong Sports School, and Shanghai Sports Team.  In 2004, he was special enrolled by East China University of Science and Technology because of his professional performance. During his 27 years of professional Wushu career, Coach Chen has received more than 20 national and international recognized prizes, which includes the International Wushu and Dance Invitational, China National University Wushu Competition, and etc.

After getting his Master of Education Degree from Springfield College, MA - the Birthplace of Basketball, Coach Chen became a PE teacher at DC International School, a world IB school located in Washington DC. He designed Wushu/Kungfu curriculum that met US national middle school physical education standard and Physical Education Requirement of International Baccalaureate Middle Year Program. The curriculum he made was considered to be a unique contribution to Wushu and all middle school students.  He also took his students to the local Wushu competitions. Not only did his students physically master their Kungfu skills, but they also get the concepts that form them to be Integrity Kungfu learners.


Qingbin Chen is currently coaching the Wushu and Kung Fu team at University of Houston, where the team members are at advanced level in Wushu and is prepared for high standard Wushu/Kung Fu Competitions in the United States.

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