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Sun Peiyuan's Nandu Seminar

Sun Peiyuan's Online Nandu Seminar on 12/17/2022

What: Online Wushu Nandu Seminar Who: Sun Peiyuan Where: Online & Live How Much: $30 How Long: 60 mins When: 12/17, Saturday, 6:30 pm If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at:

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Sun Peiyuan's Online Nandu Seminar on 12/17/2022
Sun Peiyuan's Online Nandu Seminar on 12/17/2022


2022年12月17日 18:30 – GMT-6 19:30

Sun Peiyuan's Nandu Seminar



Are you still struggling with some Nandu? Check out our Nandu Online Seminar! Hosted by Integrity Kung Fu Academy, led by the World Wushu Champion, Asian Games Champion, and China National Champion, Sun Peiyuan, the Nandu Seminar will take place on 12/17/2022, Saturday, at 6:30 pm (Central Time). We will focus on XFJ (Tornado Kick), TKFJ (Jump Front Kick Touch), and CKF (Ariel).

Sun Peiyuan will share some of his training methods, for example, strength exercises (with or without equipment), footwork,  preparation, and landing (Mabu or split) drills.

You will also be able to ask questions and get direct feedback from Sun Peiyuan regarding your area to grow, as well as some tricks to help you avoid the deduction points!


  • 1小时

    Sun Peiyuan's Online Nandu Seminar



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