Integrity Kung Fu Academy has been using an anti-business way to operate since the pandemic started. It is hard for the business, but safety is always the priority. After being allowed to fully reopen for five months, we decided to reopen for group classes on August 2nd, 2021, at a 20% (6 people) capacity.


Here is what will happen, please read carefully:

1) Students MUST wear masks in group class.

2) For kids group class: maximum SIX people in one class, all the parents/guardians need to stay outside, and encouraged to wear masks. So the slots are going to be occupied soon, don't hesitate to contact us NOW!

3).Parents, we put chairs and rubbing alcohol outside. Please feel free to clean by yourself if you need to sit.

4) We will try to use a software called dojoexpert to take attendance. This is integrated software that can track your balance or pay your bill. In the future, you may use it to track your belt level. 

5) All these rules may change depending on how it goes for our practice, so will our schedule.

6) If you still prefer a private class, the charge is $75 for 90 mins or $50 for 60 mins. 

In August 2nd, 2021, Monday, our new schedule will be shown in public, you can contact us for your training then.

New Integrity Kung Fu family members, thank you for your patience! We will see you soon!

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